Prašome palaukti, puslapis kraunasi
Prašome palaukti, puslapis kraunasi


Lietuvos Respublikos ambasada Ukrainoje

Buslivska g. 21, 01901 Kijevas, Ukraina

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Dear Visitor, at the moment, by means of this system you will be able quickly and properly to fill in an electronic visa application, and register the persons applying for a visa via travel agencies. The system functions will be expanded in the future, whereby every foreign national wishing to apply for a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania will be able to register online for an appointment at the most convenient time, and present documents avoiding the queuing.
Electronic Visa Application
Here you can fill in an electronic visa application form.
Registration for visas
This is the simplest method of registering for an appointment to the Embassy regarding submission of a visa application. Just some of the personal data must be provided and a suitable time for the visit must be chosen.
Cancellation of registration
You can cancel your registration here.
If you do not arrive at the scheduled appointment time and do not cancel your registration, you will be allowed to register anew only in one week.
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